Click to download the DATASHEET

Click to download the DATASHEET

Solving the daunting problem of managing networks has always been an afterthought when it comes to designing, deploying, maintaining, and expanding them. Why is that? Maybe it’s because network management is considered a “necessary evil”. Network management solutions rarely meet the needs and wants of the personnel responsible for the network, especially when relying on canned or home-grown solutions. These solutions often do not provide effective customization or are labor intensive to manage. Implementing effective network management is often subject to organizational and budgetary constraints. Yet, having some management solution in place is preferable to none. Is it so hard to create a solution that will successfully manage the entire network from the ground up? Apparently so...until now.

The IMPRS Portal™ is Vaonet’s flagship product and succeeds at network management where all others fail. Vaonet has a knack for thinking outside the box, looking further and not trying to think of the obvious things, but thinking beyond them. At your fingertips, you have point-and-click configuration, fully-customizable control over monitoring tasks for those who want to take it to the next level, and the support of every Vaonet engineer to get you to where you want to be. With the IMPRS Portal™ you will be confident that any hiccup in the network, from cabling buried deep to the highest towers above, will be elevated and reported so that you can have the information you need to see trouble before it becomes trouble.

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- SNMP trap and email account monitoring with deep message interrogation based on extremely powerful rules
- Proactive testing of interfaces, processes, system resources, SNMP variables, and others
- Enhanced scripting capabilities to fully customize monitoring to your specifications
- Dynamic and intelligent MIB lookups give meaning to obscure trap data
- Powerful inline data substitutions translate the cryptic to the obvious
- Monitor and access virtually all forms of craft interface-based equipment
- Powerful and fully customizable data stream triggers allow monitoring of any data in any format
- ingle click access to equipment terminal interfaces
- Broad selection of interfaces include: SSH, serial, TCP/IP client and server, UDP, telnet, and syslog
- mail based commands to get alarm counts and severities, interrogate and transition alarms
- Powerful north bound interface to selectively forward alarms to NOC centers and aggregators
- Extremely flexible escalation and broadcast based notification options built on planners, schedules, and crews
- Notification methods include: web, voice dial-out, SMS, short and extended email, and local voice announcements
- Fully customizable on-demand and automated reports provide  direct targeted views of network alarm activity
- Users are required to enter valid credentials before any access is allowed
- User access is based on very powerful and granular group and equipment permissions
- Vendor access to equipment is subject to a required login, IP access list, access window, inactivity timer, and log of vendor’s every keystroke

Web Management Interface

- WEB-MI Basic™ – Permission-based alarm interrogation and management with historical alarm view and network map
- WEB-MI Mobile™ – Extends WEB-MI Basic™ with mobile device alarm interrogation and management
- Secure web management and equipment access interface – no other software, permits, or licenses needed
- Geographical maps of equipment and alarms with weather overlay, alarm trending
- Multiple, customizable dashboards with statistical graphs, alarm charts, gauges, and camera views
- Integrated Voice Response (IVR) interface for managing alarms via phone
- The power and speed of user-definable JIT compiled scripts for complete control of monitored equipment
- SSH terminal interface for accessing all monitored equipment
- Schedule on-call notification groups and crews easily for days, weeks, or months at a time
- Intuitively manage user permissions and access using simple drag-and-drop groups
- Tightly integrated help system providing instruction and guidance every step of the way
- Completely redesigned configuration interface that is both smart and simple to use