As the industry shifts from traditional switching platforms with integrated external alarm management to IP-centric
switching platforms, telecommunication companies are looking for a product that will handle remote building alarm
management. With its integrated battery dissipation analysis, temperature and voltage sensors, dry contact closure
detection, and serial to IP routing ports, the Portico Express™ has quickly become the obvious choice.
The Portico Express™ provides thirty-two dry contact closure inputs, two external temperature sensors, one internal
temperature sensor, and dual power input sensors.

The dry contact closure inputs detect the presence or absence of discrete alarms, enabling you to connect to any type
of closure. The consensus from our research is the most common alarms are AC power failure, fuse panel, rectifier
failure, door alarm, AC fail, generator run, and low fuel. All of which the Portico Express™ can manage out-of-the-box.
The temperature sensors provide high and low thresholds that allow you to monitor the overall temperature range.
Similarly, the voltage sensors provide high and low thresholds on each DC power input.

The serial to IP ports provide a means of accessing craft interface ports on remote equipment via a TCP/IP connection.
Integrated access lists restrict unauthorized users from accessing the device.

Overall, the Portico Express™ is the most powerful, feature rich, and cost-effective remote alarm management
device available.


Real-time Voltage and Temperature Monitoring
Internal and external temperature sensors and A and B voltage sensors provide threshold-based alarming. Current readings are viewable on the web interface and from the CLI.
Battery Dissipation Analysis
During AC power failures, voltage A input readings are stored in flash memory. Once power is restored, detailed battery dissipation graphs are created and accessible from the web interface. The graphs can be used to determine battery life during major power outages.
Alarm Notification
Notifications are delivered via SNMP, email, and/or ASCII messages over TCP.
Ping Up To 10 Devices
Ideal for testing local IP-based equipment. As pings are executed within the local site network, notification occurs when any equipment fails to respond.
Integrated Backup
Each time the configuration is modified, a backup of the active configuration is stored on our secure FTP servers.


Ethernet – 10/100
Height: 1U – 1.75" (4.445 cm)
Width: 11.4” (28.96 cm)*
Length: 3.9” (9.90 cm)
* Supports Optional 19”/23” Rack Mounting
Web Browser, Telnet, Console,
A/B Power (+24vdc or -48vdc)
32 Dry Contact Closure Inputs
4 Serial to IP Ports
Dual External Temperature Sensors
Internal Temperature Sensor
A/B Voltage Sensor